Richmond-upon-Thames is Going Plastic-Free

Kew goes plastic-bag-freeRichmond traders and residents are campaigning to end the use of plastic bags for shopping in the borough.

You Can Help

• Get a reusable shopping bag - you can buy one of the Greener Kew ones from a local trader if you need one
• Express your support for the campaign to local traders
• Encourage traders who haven't pledged yet to take part

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Friday, 13 June 2008

Ban the Bag Bill in London

The London Local Authorities (Shopping Bags) Bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament, will bring about a ban on single-use throwaway shopping bags in London.

Londoners throw away more than 1 billion shopping bags a year, often after using them just once. Many of these can take up to 400 years to breakdown and can harm both wildlife and the environment.

If passed, the Bill will bring about a ban on single-use throwaway shopping bags in the capital.

The interesting thing about this campaign is that it targets not plastic bags but single-use bags. In other words, its the throwaway concept that is under attack, and in my view, rightly so. There are many fancy paper bags that are designed for single-use and that also has a very negative impact through energy and resource waste.

You can contact your MP to ask them to support the bill.

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