Richmond-upon-Thames is Going Plastic-Free

Kew goes plastic-bag-freeRichmond traders and residents are campaigning to end the use of plastic bags for shopping in the borough.

You Can Help

• Get a reusable shopping bag - you can buy one of the Greener Kew ones from a local trader if you need one
• Express your support for the campaign to local traders
• Encourage traders who haven't pledged yet to take part

You can share your comments and ideas here on this blog - Keep it clean if not Green!

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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Debate on plastic bags

The pros and cons of banning the bag are discussed noce a clearly on this BBC article

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Ideas for plastic bag recycling

Plastic is an amazing material - that is why it is so incredibly popular across the world.
It's cheap, waterproof, light and incredibly hard-wearing - which is precisely why its so problematic when it gets into wild places.

So why throw it away? OK they are a bit ugly especially when they have been in a cupboard for a few weeks all crumpled up. But with a bit of ingenuity you can make them into our own custom bag-for-life. Or all sorts of other useful things. And although you might think you don't have time for some of these tricks, in fact its very easy to knit or sew in front of the television on on a train.

Here's some great ideas:

Have fun - and send us pictures of your plastic bag projects!!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Party Started

Last night we had a super launch party in Kew Village.

Baroness Tonge was late due to delays on the tube, but she spoke as did Susan Kramer MP, the Mayor of Richmond, and Zac Goldsmith as well.

There was a great turn out and fab weather, drinks from Olivers, coffee from Starbucks and snacks from Ma Cuisine,

We raised at least £500 towards the £1500 we need to cover costs of things like printing the bags and stickers, information and so on.

Greener Kew bags were much in evidence and Kew Gardens put some of tehir new paper bags on display.

Mike Glazebrook made a good point - that we need to stop using disposable bags at all. Even using paper and cornstarch, while they are better in that they can rot away quickly, still has a high environmental impact. Zac made the point that average disposable bag has a use lifetime of around 20 minutes, which represents simply a crazy waste of resources.

A good number of people in kew now will be aware of the campagin and we wonder how well it lasts. In six months time, will we back to old habits or is this the start of a lasting change?

And what other things can we do to make Kew Greener?? Tell us on the comments!

Greener Kew on BBC 1 London News

Greener Kew's launch party was covered by the BBC news and will be showing after the ten o clock news tonight.

I am very excited cos this is my first logo to appear on television! :-)